In English, Solo is defined as an “individual” or “an unaccompanied performance”. By using the name “Solo” our organization hopes to further extend this connotation of individuality and independence by helping a person or group find the courage to discover and pursue their goals. By allowing them to awaken their latent learning potential and reach the target of self-fulfilment, we hope to let each and every one of our clients perform the perfect solo on the stage of life. Solo has been established by Mr. Frank Lo from 2003-present. The main businesses of Solo are overseas school consultation, English training programs, and company training programs (on-the-job training).

The Overseas programs we send students to:

1. Postgraduate Programs
2. Undergraduate Programs
3. Foundation and Pre-master Programs
4. High School Preparation
5. English Programs of EAP and UK Pre-sessional Programs

The services that Solo offers its students are:

1. Providing students with updated application information about the overseas universities and majors and recommending proper targets for students to apply.

2. Assistance with application document preparation and reminders

3. Assistance with school offers following-up

4. The English test schedule set up and tutoring classes arrangements

5. On premise interviewing facilities

6. Assistance with students’ visa requirements (if applicable)

7. Pre-departure briefing meetings for students

8. Assistance with students’ travel arrangement

9. Assistance of students’ accommodation arrangements, and airport pick-up

Intensive English Learning Programs
Solo also has its own English Learning Center to assist its students in improving their English ability and achieving higher IELTS scores. In order to help students, our UK and USA teachers use intensive general and academic English lessons to strengthen the students’ base knowledge of the language and then teach testing skills and tips such as note-taking, reference writing, and presentations to bolster their score. Solo also has TOEFL, SAT, GMAT and GRE preparation programs for students who wish to apply for universities in the U.S.